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You may like the idea of attending many events that we organise almost every day, and if you would like to join a Global Woman Club event they are all free of charge. But you also can create your own


Broadcasters can often be quite demanding and will have numerous requirements. Careful relationship management of broadcasters is a major component of ensuring that your event gets the coverage required.


An Email Broadcast is an individual email you send to a group of subscribers in your contact list.

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Why Global Woman?

With Global Woman you can grow fast and go far! It does not matter where you are now, what matters is, where you want to go.
We help you to reach that destination

10 Reasons why Global Woman!

  1. We help you to find a purpose
  2. We help you to grow your confidence
  3. We help you to become a public speaker
  4. With us you can be featured in the media
  5. With us you can become a published author
  6. With us you can learn how to start and scale your business
  7. You can learn from the best experts how to pivot the business online
  8. You can reach a global audience
  9. You can create meaningful connections
  10. With Global Woman you feel home, safe and secure
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Frequently Asked Questions

Global Woman Club women are especially driven to invest and help other women succeed. Many of our members are leaders in industry, change-makers, influencers and thought leaders. Every person you meet through Global Woman Club has the power and potential to change the way you think and conduct business – and fast track your success.

As a member of Global Woman Club, you can always book your ticket at half price plus attend any event of Global Woman with 50% discount. More importantly, you can speak in front of the audience at any Global Woman Club meeting and pitch your business, promote your products.
  1. We do online meetings almost every day. We have built a dedicated app called Global Woman Lobby which allows our members to connect with like minded women around the world. (please make sure you register here)






  2. We give our members an exclusive opportunity to come in our meetings and dedicate an exclusive online room for them to speak, network and we broadcast their message to all our platform in the Global Woman Lobby
  3. We have added extra the premium lobby membership (Value £87) for the members to boost and promote their services (Free of charge for members)
  4. We give access to all the members to join the Global Woman Online academy for Free (Value £397)
Plus now all the members can attend any meeting of any club around the world – something that only Global Woman is providing.

Global Woman Club is starting up in new countries and cities around the world every month and welcomes women from all walks of life with the drive to succeed.

Absolutely! Global Woman Club celebrates diversity and we all have something to share and offer. We believe there are no limits, other than the ones we place on ourselves. By actively involving yourself with Global Woman Club members, you will introduce new opportunities into your life.


Sorry. We don’t offer trial memberships, but you are welcome to attend any Breakfast Club event once, to try it out and chat to our members. You can also subscribe to our newsletter to learn more about Global Woman Club.

If you are not a member of Global Woman Club you may attend only once – just to experience what we offer. We’re confident you will want to come back again, to enjoy the atmosphere and opportunities that we can create for you. We hope to see you very soon.

Yes, if you are a member of one Club, – you are a member of all our clubs, and should you have the opportunity to travel around your country or abroad, your co-members will always make you feel welcome.

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